Silica Earth Minerals and Microbes 1lb

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Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals are now formulated with a proprietary blend of four distinct species of bacillus bacteria and four species of endo-mycorrhizae. This unique combination of micro-minerals and microbes is the foundation for any discerning grower.

Approved for Organic Agriculture.

This powerhouse blend helps increase plant growth, improve cellular strength and protect against heat stress, drought, pests and disease. Mycorrhizae have a symbiotic association between plant roots and fungi. Their major role is to enhance nutrient and water uptake by the host plant by exploiting a larger volume of soil than roots alone can do. 


Silica Earth Volcanic Silica Minerals + Microbes works great as a dry mineral additive for soil, coco, rockwool substrate applications, AND for mixing with liquid nutrients, compost tea and foliar. (*safe to use on or near plant roots.) Use according to manufacturer's recommendations. 


The web of life depends on microorganisms, a vast network of small and unseen allies that permeate the soil, water, and air of our planet. For people who work with plants, the greatest interest in microorganisms is in the complex communities that are part of the soil. Beneficial microorganisms are naturally occurring bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that play a crucial role in plant productivity and health. Two types of beneficial microorganisms, mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria are considered beneficial to plant health.

Their major role is to enhance nutrient and water uptake through the symbiotic relationship of plant roots within the rhizosphere.

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