Urban Roots is an organic and hydroponic garden supply in the Tampa Bay area founded by Zach and Bianca Grace.


With 10+ years experience and knowledge in all growing applications, we can help you put together and achieve any of your gardening needs. We specialize in organic alternatives to “traditional” gardening, offering eco friendly gardening products such as organic; pest/disease control, premium soils, compost, fertilizers, heirloom seeds, starter plants and much more.


At Urban Roots we feature cutting edge hydroponic growing techniques. The hydroponic industry is constantly evolving and with that we provide the latest techniques and growing advancements. Urban Roots was created with the idea to help every gardener and to create a unique shopping experience with a warm and welcoming vibe. From beginner to commercial, we aim to educate and supply answers on every level.


We are dedicated to helping people grow food, eat healthier, and leave the world a better place.