Scietetics 70/30 Pure Cocos Nucifera 1.8 cuft

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A unique blend of 70 percent fine pith coco coir and 30 percent coarse chip coco coir.  Excellent water holding capacity.

Scietetics is now offering an upgrade from your prior substrate of choice. After 8 years of education and sourcing, Scietetics is presenting a new type of coconut fiber to the advanced cultivator and horticultural specialist.


A revolutionary and simple advancement in the way our coconut fiber is prepared will completely change your growth rates allowing ultimately for more yield at harvest. This process is not necessarily a secret, but infrastructure wise is unobtainable for most companies in the industry.


Time is our secret ingredient, and we provide plenty of it to our product in order to achieve and control desirable characteristics. Our investment of time into preparing our coconut results in: exceptionally low sodium content, a low carbon to nitrogen ratio, pH stability and no undesirable pathogens. All of which, if not addressed properly, are common causes of crop failures for growers in coconut coir.

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