Ruck Air Movement OPTIMUS Oscillating Fan

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The Ruck Optimus is a high powered in-line Prime Evo 8” duct fan, mounted on a oscillating wall bracket, designed to offer increased airflow which traditional oscillating fans can’t achieve.


ruck Air Movement is a family business that specializes in the production of high quality solutions for the air conditioning and ventilation sector. In addition to a wide range of proven standard products such as Tube and Duct Fans, we attach great importance to the development of new ideas and specific customer solutions.


  • reduced energy consumption and lower costs, because of their high efficiency
  • silent and simple operation, because of the stepless speed control
  • the efficiency remains close to its maximum even at loads of less than 20% of the maximum load (while with AC the efficiency at half load is close to half of the efficiency at nominal load)
  • generally require less power for the same flow rates

Diagrams in our short article show you the cost and energy potential and advise when to employ EC or AC driven fans.


OPTIMUS & PRIME EVO create the perfect air distribution with 120° sideways and 23° downwards and 23° upwards oscillation. Created for ceiling or wall mounting, it has a further reach and precisely delivers air exactly where you need it.

Advantages of the PRIME EVO:

  • three dimensionally shaped impeller blades which distribute air evenly
  • 710 cfm
  • 3 speed steps with integrated speed switch
  • Laminar airflow delivers air exactly where needed
  • 120 ° sideways oscillation
  • 23° downwards and 23° upwards oscillation
  • ETL certified for long-lasting performance
  • Manufactured using the highly efficient Prime Evo 8” Inline Duct Fan
  • Supplied with an Integrated 3-speed switch
  • One-phase AC motor

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