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Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower



Our WSDA certified organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower Transition spray was developed by our scientists specifically to boost flower production through foliar feeding. It is created with the highest quality Fulvic Acid and the perfect blend of trace minerals to ease your plants’ transition into flowering while increasing the size and abundance of flowering sites. It was originally developed for Oregon cherry farmers to rapidly increase the number and size of flowering sites for bigger yields. The results were great and a transition into the hydroponics industry was inevitable. Our motto is to compliment, not compete, as our line of WSDA certified organic Fulvic Acid + trace mineral foliar sprays can be used in conjunction or in addition to any nutrient line to help your plants take in nutrients more efficiently while boosting health and growth. Did You Know? Foliar applications of Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower can have important secondary benefits. When nutrients are provided to foliage it causes the plants to exude more sugars and other compounds into the root zone. This increases microbial activity around the root zone, which in turn enhances the uptake of nutrients by the plant from the soil. When you boost chlorophyll density with foliar nutrition the enhanced photosynthesis feeds more beneficial microbes that in turn can deliver more nutrients to the plant.

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