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(Lavandula vera) Famous for fragrance, the lavender-colored blossoms are used in potpourris, soaps, etc. A great old-time cottage garden plant. Here are some germination tips passed on from a customer: 1. Pour the seeds into a jar, and add about two tablespoons of water. 2. Put the lid on the jar, and put in the refrigerator for six weeks. 3. Remove the seeds from the jar - pour out onto a paper towel. 4. Plant seeds in seed starter. I use peat. It is not easy to separate seeds, so it is OK if there are several seeds planted together - see Step 6 below. 5. Keep moist. Seeds will germinate in - yes - a week. 6. About a month after germination, seedlings can be separated, and transferred to individual cells or small pots.

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