Dutch Lighting Innovations 1000W DE Horticulture Plus

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The 1000W DE Horticulture Plus Lamp is optimized by DLI to increase photosynthesis efficiency. By enhancing the Red & Blue, the lamp encourages prolific growth of ALL types of consumption.

1000W DE Horticulture Plus Lamp Features

  • Exclusive Spectrum (Optimized by DLI to increase photosynthesis efficiency)
  • Exclusive μMOL Output (Enhanced through gas chemistry to maintain high life)
  • Designed for (DLI JOULE – Series and most brands of 1000w DE Systems)
  • Enhanced Red & Blue (Encourages prolific growth for ALL types of horticulture)
  • Economic (Long average life, high μMOL output, low energy consumption)
  • Effortless (Easy lamp change)

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