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The origin of Plagron coco We shortly mentioned our 100% COCO range in the topic about hydrological cultivation. There still is a lot to be said about this range. Plagron coco is of high quality. Below we will explain you how this is possible Origin Plagron coco was originally derived from coconut palm trees that grow in Southern India. The coconuts on these trees are processed into the coconut substrates that Plagron sells. Only the fibrous husk (outer part) of the coconut is used by Plagron. The coconut, as we may know from the supermarket, is now removed and used for other purposes (food and cosmetics industries). Coconut husk is made of two components: coco fiber and coco peat. Plagron coco substrates contain mostly coco peat. Handling After all of the coco peat is obtained, it is transported to large storage bunkers. It will be left in these storage bunkers to age for at least 6 months. The aging will take place on a clean, concrete floor. To make sure that sand, weeds and other pathogens do not contaminate the coco peat, the storage bunkers are surrounded by high walls. Proper ageing with favorable temperatures, oxygen and moisture conditions result in a major improvement of the coco peat. The coco peat needs to be washed and buffered in order to guarantee a quality substrate. This is done by flushing the coco peat with fresh water. During this process some of the sodium and potassium will be replaced by calcium and magnesium molecules. Therefore any calcium and magnesium that is added to the substrate through fertilizers will actually be easily available for the plant and nutrient deficiencies will be avoided A lot of the coco substrate suppliers sell their product after only washing it once. The reason Plagron delivers the best quality coco substrate is because Plagron takes an extra step. To ensure the best quality, the coco peat is shipped to the Netherlands where it undergoes the buffering process again. This process takes place under strict quality control. High quality We regularly take samples to check in the laboratory. This way we ensure that the PH, EC and the volume of the product meet the specification requirements. All this effort is made to ensure you can grow on the best possible substrate.

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