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WHY NOT GIVE pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR A RISK-FREE TRY TODAY? You've seen how the proprietary 2-Part fertilizer formula was developed by a team of 12 PhDs working for the leading plant growing research laboratory in the world... You've seen how the unique principle of small continuous improvements to each phase of the 2-step base formula produces a more powerful, compounded total yield in your plants... You've seen just a few of the most potent, most pure, most effective ingredients that went into the pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR blend... You've met other growers like yourself, who were skeptical at first but now praise pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR because it's giving them up to 40% increase in their harvest yields... And you know Advanced Nutrients fully stands behind pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR and every other product they sell with their 100% Full Money Back Guarantee. Either you're ecstatic about the results you get in your plants-or you get your money back.

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