Brilliant Black 454g

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Brilliant Black (454 g.) Organic Alfalfa blended with Micronized Humates and beneficial bacterias. A Replenishing and Restorative soil amendment for all stages of plant growth. Active ingredients 24% Humic Acid derived from Lignite 20% Organic Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago Sativa) 5% Organic Sugar (Evaporated cane juice sugar) Bacillus subtilis - 7,930,000 CFU per gram Bacillus pumilus - 7,930,000 CFU per gram Bacillus megaterium - 7,930,000 CFU per gram Bacillus licheniformis - 7,930,000 CFU per gram Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - 7,930,000 CFU per gram 50.9% Inert Ingredients

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