New Millenium Spring Green 15 Gallon *Inquire for Commercial Pricing*

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Modeled after natural plant nutritional elemental releases during the Mediterranean Spring seasons, these are the times when soils are wet, warming, drying, and decomposing. The prior growing seasons biomass is decomposing causing tremendous amounts of nutriment from organic matter and biological weathering of bedrock to be freed up and available for eager hungry starts (i.e. cuttings, seedlings, and young sensitive transplants). Spring is designed to be used in conjunction with Equinox in a traditional A & B style application. Dosage and dilution ratios are customizable to harness the perfect start to your crops season. When used with Equinox, Spring will significantly reduce transplant shock in rooted seedlings or cuttings that are initially transplanted. Specific proportions of N-P-K can provide small plants everything they need to jump start to immediate root, shoot, and foliar development. Once plants have reached approximately 6-12 inches, switch to Summer to boost nitrogen supplementation.

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