Biobizz Calmag 1 L – Organic Calcium-Magnesium Supplement

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About Biobizz Calmag

Biobizz Calmag is an easy-to-use solution to correct and prevent cal-mag deficiencies in an entirely natural way. This calcium-magnesium supplement for plants is the newest addition to the Biobizz organic nutrients line.

Biobizz Calmag benefits:

  • Fix or prevent cal-mag deficiencies in a fully natural way. 
  • Helps improve proper plant growth, cell production, blooming, and photosynthesis.
  • The formula contains no added Nitrogen (N), so there is no need to change your feeding regime.
  • No risk to overfeed. 
  • The all-organic formula is derived from natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals.
  • Works for correcting faulty or RO water. 
  • Easy-to-use solution.
  • Can be used throughout the full grow cycle.

Do you use Biobizz Calmag in hydroponics, soil or coco? 

Calmag can be used both outdoors and indoors, including hydroponics and coco. This liquid cal-mag supplement is essential if you are using RO water or soft water, which often lacks calcium and magnesium.

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