Under Current 4 XL13

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Under Current 4 XL13 NUMBER OF ROWS: 2 NUMBER OF SITES: 4 PLANT SPACING & MODULE SIZE: 30? Centers / 13 Gallon RECOMMENDATIONS GROW AREA (FEET / METERS): 6' x 8' / 1.83m x 2.44m LIGHTING (HORIZONTAL): 1 X 1000W LIGHTING (VERTICAL): N/A WATER CHILLER SIZE* (HP): 1/10 - 1/6 HP RESERVOIR (GALLONS / LITERS): 60 / 200 VEG TIME (WEEKS/IN.): 3-5 weeks / 24"-36" *General Recommendation - Check Manufacturers Specifications for proper chiller sizing. The Under Current 4 XL13 Includes: 13 Gallon “Blackout Series” Growth Modules CCH2O 8? Heavy Duty Lids with Port Hole CCH2O 8? Heavy Duty Net Pots 3? Manifold & Joints with 3” UC Spin-Tight Bulkheads Danner Mag-Drive™ Return Pump Premium Linear Air Pump(s) 9” Air Diffuser Disc Aqua-Pore Air Diffusers Air Distribution Manifold Air Hose, In-Line Filter(s) Adjustable Float Valve with Reservoir Adapter Kit Drain Valve Chiller Adapter Garden Hose Drain Adapter Cultured Solutions™ VEG A/B 1-Year Warranty.

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