Uber Uni-One

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Size: Uber Uni-One 1L
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Stop wasting time and money using multiple products

UNI-ONE is the market’s most powerful unified one-part nutrient system with built-in root and vegetative boosters, eliminating the need to purchase those separately.

Unrivalled nutrient power for a bigger yield

UNI-ONE is up to 50% stronger than leading one-part or multi-part base systems, delivering more nutrient for your money while gaining up to a 30% increase in yield.

Automatically adjusts NPK ratio in real time

UNI-ONE is powered by Nutri-Sense, our auto-sensing nutrient technology that automatically releases more nutrient to the roots when required. Our Nutri-Sense technology prevents nutrient reaction until it matters — so if the plant doesn’t require any more nutrient, then none is released. It’s as simple as that.

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