Uber R-N-A 1L

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The perfect clone builder for the best plants

It’s basic biology: your clones share the same genetics as their mom. That’s why the best growers choose R-N-A to grow the most vigorous plant with the biggest branches and most bud sites in the room for the greatest cloning success rate.
Your secret weapon for a truly massive grow  R-N-A's proven results mean longer branches, more internodes, and thicker stems to support a much larger harvest with bigger branches that mean even bigger buds. Plus, at six times the strength of its leading competitors, it’s also the fastest-working foliar product on the market.

Easy to use for even the laziest growers 

R-N-A’s strength and proprietary technology means growers only need to spray plants twice per week during the vegetative period and up to the first four weeks of flowering. Forget the daily spray routine required by the other foliar products on the market. Save more cash on product, too.

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