Sonoma Gold Grow, 1 gal

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Sonoma Gold Grow and Bloom are all-purpose, organic-based fertilizers. Created for use in amended soil gardens. Sonoma Gold is formulated for all on demand fertilizer needs during the crop cycle. Sonoma Gold is user friendly, as it flows easily through irrigation systems, it is 100% biodegradable and hand crafted in small batches. Don't be fooled by organic products that have inflated (N) Nitrogen numbers, as they can be misleading. Those guarantees mostly rely on insoluble, and unavailable, forms of Nitrogen to achieve those higher numbers. Sonoma Gold Grow and Bloom utilize a renewable sources of organic-based (N) Nitrogen, derived from hydrolyzed keratins and seed proteins, that are readily available to the plant at any time. For best results, use a well aerated organic-based growing medium amended with a source of time released (N) Nitrogen, such as manure based compost. Cutting Edge Solutions source Pacific Northwest fish to provide a local, renewable form of Calcium, Phosphorus and micronutrients.

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