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Root WebStar 1lb



Root WebStar is the beneficial fungi source for Veganic Special Sauce. "THE BIGGER THE ROOTS, THE BIGGER THE FRUITS" Root WebStar is a unique blend of mycorrhizal fungi designed especially for rapid root take-off. Root WebStar can greatly advance your root system with things like maximum nutrient intake and increased protection against stress, drought, and pathogens. Use Root WebStar at the beginning of rooted seed or clone for advanced root development. Use Root WebStar throughout the growing cycle. Works with every nutrient regiment and every growing technique. For increased results, sprinkle Root WebStar directly on the roots at every transplant. Mix 2 teaspoons per every gallon of water. Can be used every watering, with every nutrient, with every growing style. HYDRO / SOILLESS MEDIA / ORGANICS / VEGANICS

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