Paraguayan Chipa Corn

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Chipa corn is a stunningly brilliant yellow Paraguayan flour corn. Robust ears, often exceeding 11 inches in length, bear even rows of very uniform kernels. The plump kernels are composed of a soft starch, ideal for grinding into corn meal, which makes the very distinctive chipas, a Paraguayan national dish. This exciting South American variety has been grown in Kentucky for several years, so it is well adapted to the long days of a temperate-zone summer. Large stalks bear one, occasionally two ears per plant. Our seed comes by way of the Monroe Gingerich family of Adolphus, Kentucky, who first became acquainted with the variety when they lived in Paraguay. Couple Paraguayan Chipa corn with Baker Creek's Po'suwegeh Blue corn for an amazing color combination that is sure to impress your gardening friends. (note: these varieties may cross if not isolated).

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