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Nutrilife SM-90 QT



SM-90 is prepared from natural plant oils and blended with the finest quality. The organic composition of SM-90 results in its ability to be bio-degradable and is also non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. It can be applied as a foliar spray or directly in reservoirs with nutrient solutions. When added in small quantities directly to plant nutrient solutions, new root growth emerges. Treated plants develop greater root area, root runs and exhibit generally healthier root development. SM-90 MAY BE USED AS A WETTING AGENT IN BOTH FIELD AND HYDROPONIC APPLICATION. Improves spray coverage in soil and on plants. Lengthens contact and control of sprays improves the lateral movement of moisture in soils. Increases the speed of moisture penetration in soils and growing medias. Reduces surface tension of spray nozzles and irrigation systems helping to maintain cleaner lines and drippers.

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