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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 2-Part Coco Grow A 1L



Product Description Jungle Juice Grow is used to maximize the incredible potential of Coco Coir as a growing medium. This product consists of a special formulation that takes into account the unique composition and characteristics of coir in order to provide plants with comprehensive nutrition. With the use of Jungle Juice Grow's two-part feeding program, you will achieve astounding growth and harvests that are bound to amaze you with both their high yield and high level of quality. Promotes high yields and quality harvests Delivers optimal fertigation inputs when coir is used as a substrate Maximizes the potential of coir as a growing medium Protects elements from becoming trapped during cationic exchange Prevents potassium overload of coir's cationic exchange capacity Using Jungle Juice Grow couldn't be easier. All you have to do is pour equal amounts of Part A and Part B until you achieve the desired nutrient strength. Each part should be added to the reservoir separately. When using this product, keep in mind that Jungle Juice Grow should not be mixed as a concentrate.

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