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Do you get high yields with high quality together? High quality can be very elusive, especially when yield increases and hidden factors have had their input into your final product. There are unfortunately a number of environmental and physical conditions that can reduce your quality. When the yield is increased by inferior products it often means the plant has a higher water content, larger cells, thinner cell walls and lower desirable solids effectively diluting the quality of the plant. As a result you will most likely end up with lots of low quality end product. That is why it is not common to get both high yield and high quality together. Many growers get high quality at the expense of high yields or vice versa. This is where Head Masta will transform your crop into a high yielding, high quality super crop. Head Masta, nutrients for flowering, acts in four ways to increase both yield and quality. Firstly, it simulates an internal plant hormonal signal that induces increased flower formation and additional flowering sites. Secondly, it pumps plant cells full of extra vitamins and minerals required by the plant to convert excess light and nutrients into the highest quality proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates. These plant made quality factors are produced way beyond normal levels and are the key to your increased quality. The third effect is to pump the flower cells with weight producing silicon and finally it increases the plants desire for potassium to a point where the plant becomes bound to the luxury consumption of this important yield enhancer. Water is essential for the plant’s normal functioning as we know. Normally, a shortage of water is more dangerous than too much water. However, excess water in the plant upsets the plants internal osmotic balance which results in lower quality. Head Masta overcomes this disrupted osmotic balance and restores the correct ratio of solids to water. Temperature differential is essential for quality production. If there is no temperature difference between night and day temperatures, or night temperatures are higher than day temperatures, then quality will suffer. In this context, day means when the lights are on and night is when the lights are off. Head Masta stimulates your plants so that they can overcome these problems. It provides an osmotic balance within the plant that doesn’t normally occur when conditions aren’t right. Night temperatures should be at least 5-10°c lower than day temperatures. Head Masta puts YOU in the driver’s seat where high quality can be yours with every crop. And that’s without sacrificing yield. In fact, independent testing shows that Head Masta treated plants outperform untreated plants in BOTH yield and quality. See your retailer for more information about this bloom enhancer.

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