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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X 23L



May your blooms ooze with essential oils... The next step in the best nutrient program on the planet is here at last. Bud Factor X is guaranteed to give you sturdier, better branched, more productive, stronger plants that deliver bigger yields easier. What's more, Bud Factor X works perfectly in all hydroponics, aeroponics, rockwool, sphagnum, soil, greenhouse, outdoors, indoors, NFT, ebb & flow systems. N-P-K 0-0-1 Ingredients: Soluble Potash (K2O) Proprietary Formula: Fractionated Plant Extracts Directions: Mix 2mL per Liter during weeks 1 thru 6 of flowering phase. May be used in pest threatened areas as preventative measure during vegetative stage at 1/2 strength.

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