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BCuzz Soil B Nutrition Comp. 6 gal



B'Cuzz Soil nutrients are designed to work specifically in growing media that already contain nutrient value, and were specifically developed for calcium-rich substrates. The B'cuzz 1-Component Soil Nutrition is a professional bio-mineral nutrition without ballast substances, which can easily be absorbed by the plant. It helps to initiate the flowering cycle of your crop and also ensures a healthy soil life. To ensure best results, use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients. Specifications: Initial stage: 2.5 ml per liter of nutrient solution. After three weeks: 5 ml per liter of nutrient solution. PH between 5.5 – 5.8 EC between 1.0 – 2.5 NPK 1-Component Soil Nutrition 3-3-6 (w / v).

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