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B'Cuzz Blossom Builder, 1 qt



Blossom Builder Liquid® is a finisher/hardener that should be used in the final 4 weeks of the bloom and riping stage of the plant. It will maximize the structure of your fruits. Blossom Builder Liquid® contains a unique P:K ratio of 1:2 Blossom Builder Liquid® is suitable for all sorts of cultivation substrates like soil, hydro and coco and all irrigation systems. • B'cuzz Blossom Builder liquid will increase the size and mass of flowers • Specifically created for the final weeks of the blooming phase • It works as a finisher that will lead your flowers to strong, healthy look and a beautiful attractive final weight and aroma of your flowers • Is suitable for different types of cultivation substrates (soil, hydro and coco), and all irrigation systems

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