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Athena Bloom B Gallon

Designer: Athena

$35.96 $44.95

Athena Bloom is a simple and clean 2-part formula designed for the flowering stage of growth for fruit and flower-producing plants. We blend top of the line macronutrients and chelated micronutrients to achieve greater nutrient uptake ability across a wider pH range in any combination of grow method, water-type and media. This 2-part blended liquid formula should be used in equal amounts during the flowering phase to stimulate the rapid onset of bud production, increase flowering sites, and promote high-quality yields. Formulas are sediment free and are compatible with all dosing and irrigation systems in including fine dripper heads. Small amounts of micro-particles are occasionally visible in some conditions but will not affect mineral balance or system compatibility. Application Rates Add 2-7 mL of Athena Bloom B per gallon of water during the flowering phase. See Feed Schedules for specific application recommendations.

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