Uber Pyyro K

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Cash in on another crop cycle

Not only does using PYYRO K result in bigger yields – it results in more yields. This industry-leading metabolic booster is the only product on the market that has the power to shave two to three weeks off your cycles. The math is simple: save eight weeks a year using PYYRO K for each of your four cycles, add another harvest, cash in.

Save up to 50%

PYYRO K is the first and only plant booster powered by pyrophosphate to boost roots, growth, and flowers with just one bottle. No need for separate products, saving you up to 50% when compared to other leading multi-bottle brands.

25% more nutrient uptake

PYYRO K stimulates a large and powerful root system by upregulating the plant’s metabolism and increasing its nutrient uptake by up to 25%, powering growth and root development at rates you never thought possible – all with one simple product.

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