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OG Series Digital Ballast




As the smallest, lightest, and smartest ballast on the market, the Nanolux OG-600W has taken the reliability and quality you’ve come to trust, and added smart ballast capabilities by making it NCCS (Nanolux Cloud Control System) compatible. Not only does this allow you to actively monitor the health of your ballast, it allows you to control many operations including overheat shut-off, voltage surge protection, dim cycles, slow start/slow finish, and more! Random Start technology, will start the ballast within a 0-15 second window Dims automatically when paired with RTU for high-temperature safety Comprehensive short-circuit/circuit over-heat/lamp failure protection Dimmable lamp function: 110% Superlux - 100% - 75% - 50% Strikes both MH and HPS bulbs, 600-watt maximum output Utilizes NCCS ready-smart ballast technology Diagnostic LED notifications Requires a BAASR plug
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